The “facade” of the company – how important is the front desk?
The “facade” of the company – how important is the front desk?

The front desk can be said to be the facade of a company and plays a very important role in the operation of the entire company. The front desk is generally used to receive visitors and customers. It will be set at the gate of the company. It is the easiest place to leave a first impression on visitors and customers. Therefore, the selection and overall layout of the front desk are very important.

In the design and layout of the front desk, the most important and essential thing is the front desk office furniture. However, the core part of the front desk office furniture is the front desk, so how to choose the front desk?

Choice of size

Because the design of the front desk is best to echo the door, if the company’s door is relatively large, you can buy some relatively large front desks, so that you can well adapt to the feng shui pattern of the front desk, and will not damage the entrance hall Wide space, and we must pay attention to the fact that the front desk is facing the door. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this will prevent the smooth flow of anger into the company.

When choosing a front desk table, you must not choose a too high front desk table, because if the front desk table is too high, it will destroy the magnetic field of the people in the company, so it will block the prosperity, so good feng shui will be more difficult to enter the company, the whole The company’s magnetic field and fortune will be affected.

choice of color

The choice of the color of the front desk is also very important, because different colors will bring people different visual effects, some colors will cause people a sense of mental oppression, but some colors will catch the customer’s eye in an instant, Let the customer’s favorability to the company skyrocket, and increase the order rate between customers and the company

choice of shape

In addition to the choice of color, the choice of the front desk should also pay attention to the shape of the table. A good shape will directly enhance the taste and creative style of the entire company. Usually, the choice of the shape of the front desk will be round or rectangular. Do not choose some strange shapes, because these strange shapes will give visitors a messy impression.

Material selection

Finally, I have to talk about the material selection of the front desk. For the selection of materials for the front desk, there are marble, pure solid wood, and man-made panels. The final effect shown by each material is also different. Some companies pay more attention to creating a high-end atmosphere. Therefore, they will choose the front desk made of marble material. Some companies pay more attention to economical benefits, so they will choose the wood-based panel material. No matter which material you choose according to your own needs and planning, it is the best choice. .

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