How to design the reception desk?
How to design the reception desk?


Many of the receptionists who follow the simple and elegant style usually use plain white walls or other solid colors according to the overall style of the company, match with the company logo, and use the same simple or designed reception desk, which looks simple and can highlight the key points.

2.According to the material

Material on the wall is also a common practice in the front desk, such as stone, wood, bare brick wall, metal, mirror, etc. Different materials are applicable to different styles of space.
For example, the metal wall may be more scientific, the wood may be more moist, and the bare brick wall has full characteristics, etc. The best choice is to design the front desk according to the nature of the office and the style of the office space.

3.Modeling design

The modeling of the wall is also often seen in the front desk design. According to the different nature of the company, the matching modeling of the front desk background wall not only has a sense of design, but also makes the space no longer monotonous.

4.specific characteristics

In addition to the above, there are some special design of the front desk background wall. For example, instead of solid walls, wooden grids or hollow partitions are used as the background wall, which can not only separate space, but also have a sense of continuity.
Some front desk background walls are directly made into display cabinets, which is also a very clever way. It not only decorates the wall, making the wall no longer monotonous, but also directly displays the company’s products or achievements to a certain extent, which is clear at a glance.

Of course, there are many ways to design the company’s front desk, but no matter how it is designed, it must be consistent with the company’s overall style. What kind of front desk design do you like? Here, the editor has prepared a variety of background references for the front desk of the office for you to show you the front desk design of major companies and find your design inspiration.

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