Advantages Of High Gloss Baking Paint Reception Desk
Advantages Of High Gloss Baking Paint Reception Desk

1、 Baking paint is a widely used painting process in the process of furniture manufacturing. The plates with high density can be shaped after being polished to a certain roughness, sprayed with multiple layers of paint on the plates, and then baked at high temperature.
2、 The front desk, which is made by baking paint technology, is bright and bright in color, high-end in atmosphere, and has a strong visual impact.
3、 The painted front desk is waterproof and moisture-proof, and can adapt to the office environment of different regions and different weather.
4、 The antifouling ability (free from water and oil stains and other liquids) and corrosion resistance (free from the erosion of general chemicals) of the paint baking front desk are extremely strong. The water stains, oil stains and various corrosive liquids splashed on the front desk board can not damage the board surface, and can be removed by simple wiping.
5、 The stability, wear resistance and hardness of the baking varnish front desk are extremely high, and in the process of production, there is no need to seal the edges, which is durable and has a service life of 15-20 years.
6、 The painting front desk has strong fire and electricity protection functions, which is safe and reliable.
7、 The panel of the paint baking front desk is bright and smooth, with low friction coefficient, and the goods move very smoothly on it.

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